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Easton Little League, Easton, CT - Baseball
Easton Little League WINTER TRAINING !!!
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Since 1954 Easton Little League has provided an educational and athletic program where every athlete experiences the following:

  • Has fun playing the game
  • Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance
  • Learns the skills, tactics and strategies of the game
  • Improves as a player
  • Develops positive character traits and values that will aid success in the rest of their lives and have value beyond the playing field.

As an organization, Easton Little League is committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes work together to achieve this mission.


Easton Little League, Easton, CT - Baseball
Upcoming Events



ELL Board Meeting 7:30pm Thursday

January 15, 2015 SSES Media Center


ELL Board Meeting 7:30pm Wednesday

February 18, 2015 SSES Media Center


ELL Board Meeting 7:30pm Thursday

March 12, 2015 SSES Media Center


Spring discounted Registration deadline March 15, 2015


Spring Registration closes April 1, 2015




2015 Board

President: Jamie Shyer

Vice President: Bob Kelly

Secretary: Scott Hugo

Treasurer: Kevin Lynch

Safety Officer: Victor Alfandre

Information Officer / Web Site: Scott Houlihan

John Capetanakis

Steve Holm-Hansen

Kerry Caylor

Frank Corazzelli

Roger Forte

Bruce Gregor

AJ Martinich

Brian Williams

Bill Bardani

Tom Pulie

Chris Pulie

Rob Labarbera

Jesse Bauks

Joe Burke


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